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24 Luxury Handmade Chocolates (300g)

Flavours are Rum & raisin, coconut & lime, chilli, lemon, double choc, orange crunch, Amaretto, ginger, lavender, mocha, rose and salty butterscotch.

Allergy Info:

Butter, double cream, milk powder, soya lecithin, wheat flour, eggs, almonds, sulphates and gluten
Also contains alcohol

What's in the box

Rum & raisin
White chocolate shell with a dark chocolate tip containing an intense rum ganache and rum soaked raisin centre
Coconut & lime
A dark chocolate outer filled with a coconut filling finished off with a lime ganache giving a truly tropical flavour
Dark chocolate outer casing decorated with a red chocolate tip. The centre is a 70% dark chocolate ganache with a warm chilli centre
A white, yellow and dark chocolate marble effect outer casing, with a lemon centre topped off with dark chocolate to compliment the sweet centre
Double choc truffle
Dark chocolate shell filled with a 80% dark chocolate ganache centre which gives it a rich intense flavour. Coated in cocoa powder
Orange crunch
Dark chocolate casing filled with a milk chocolate crisp centre using a Sorrento orange essence
Dark chocolate outer casing containing a milk chocolate Amaretto centre, with a small crunch from a piece of amaretto biscuit decorated with milk chocolate stripes
Stem ginger
A dark chocolate shell with a milk chocolate ginger infused centre. In the centre is a piece of stem ginger topped off with a decorative pattern
Dark chocolate outer casing with a smooth rich milk chocolate centre flavoured with a lavender natural essence
A white and dark chocolate marble effect outer casing, filled with a rich intense coffee dark ganache centre using 70% dark chocolate
Dark chocolate outer with a rich 70% dark chocolate ganache rose scented centre
Salty butterscotch
A salty butterscotch milk chocolate truffle inspired by the 2015 Great Taste winning bar